Aleve®: a powerful non-opioid treatment for minor dental pain2

See results in new dental study: Aleve® was as effective* as hydrocodone plus acetaminophen (HYD+APAP) for pain, lasted longer, and was better tolerated2

*In hours 0 to 4 of a single-dose dental study of Aleve® (440 mg), HYD+APAP (10 mg + 650 mg), or placebo. Aleve® is indicated for minor aches and pains.2,3

Did you know that up to half of opioid prescriptions at dental visits are inconsistent with the guidelines on appropriate use of opioids?4 In response to the overuse of opioids, there is an increasing interest in the effectiveness of OTC NSAIDs in alleviating pain—to reduce the need for opioids.2 Aleve® is an OTC pain reliever indicated for temporary relief of minor aches and pains including arthritis pain, headache, muscular aches, and toothache.3

Click below to learn more about opioid overuse and misuse and why opioids are still a major crisis.5,6 And see how Aleve® compared with HYD+APAP for dental pain in the single-dose study.

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