Is it time to reconsider the approach to dental
pain relief?

A clinically proven nonprescription option for dental pain relief

Pain relief is a serious concern for dentists. Dental pain has been proven responsive to Aleve®, an OTC NSAID, at nonprescription strength.2-5 Aleve® is indicated for temporary relief of minor aches and pains, including minor arthritis pain, headache, muscle aches, and toothache.6

Multiple studies show that Aleve® is effective for relieving dental pain.2,7,8 Aleve® has proven efficacy, duration, and a similar median time to onset of action as acetaminophen plus codeine in dental pain,7 and a single-dose study shows opioid-free Aleve® was as strong* on pain as HYD+APAP and better tolerated.8 It is safe when used as directed,7 and multiple professional societies recommend NSAIDs for pain management.3-5 For years, Aleve® has been helping patients carry on with their daily activities relieved of minor pain.

*In hours 0 to 4 of a single-dose dental study of Aleve® (440 mg), HYD+APAP (10 mg + 650 mg), or placebo. Aleve® is indicated for minor aches and pains.6,8

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