Drug-free relief from lower back pain.

Adhesive, latex-free gel pads keep Aleve Direct Therapy comfortably in place to ensure you feel relief at the source of your lower back pain. Depending on skin type, oils and pH levels, gel pads typically last for up to 5 applications. A starter pack is included with your Aleve Direct Therapy purchase.

How to use your gel pads and make them last

Here are some tips for getting the best value for your gel pads:

Before Use

  • Make sure your skin is clean and free of lotions, oil or excessive hair.
  • Remove only the blue liners to expose the sticky surface that goes onto the electrodes. Be sure to press firmly onto the green liners so the gel pads stick tightly to the electrodes.
  • Save the green liners and press them firmly on the gel pads to store your unit between uses.
  • Rejuvenate the sticky surface by simply dampening a finger and applying the water with your fingertip.

During Use

Remember that using or wearing your Direct Therapy TENS device while perspiring – in hot weather or while exercising for example – can make the gel pads less sticky.

After Use

  • Carefully remove the device after treatment to help the gel pads remain sticky. Simply grasp both the edges of your unit and the gel pads so the gel pad doesn’t stay on your skin. Then slowly peel the device off.
  • Use the green protective liners to completely re-cover the gel pads. This helps keep them moist and protects them from dust.
  • Store your Direct Therapy unit with the gel pads in the box and keep away from heat.
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Aleve Direct Therapy TENS device gel pads side-by-side

1. Separate Two Gel Pads.

Aleve Direct Therapy TENS device gel pads removal from backing

2. Remove the blue liner from the side being applied to the electrode area. Do not remove the green protective liner.

Apply Aleve Direct Therapy TENS device gel pads to back of device

3. Align the shape of the first gel pad with the electrode area. Apply the gel pad onto the electrode area and firmly press across the entire surface to ensure good adhesion.

Aleve Direct Therapy Refill Gel Pads


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Aleve Direct Therapy TENS device features
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Aleve Direct Therapy is a flexible, wireless TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device specially designed for active people for the temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the lower back due to strain from exercise and normal household and work activities.

  • At 4.8 oz., it weighs about the same as many smartphones
  • Its easy-touch remote control has 15 adjustable power levels

Slender and Comfortable

The thin, ergonomic design is perfect for wearing underneath your clothes, ready for you to activate
any time you experience lower back pain.

  • Less than 1 inch thick
  • Made of durable, quality materials


Flexible electrodes contour to the natural curves of your body, securely delivering deep, penetrating relief at the source of lower back pain.

  • No clunky wires, straps or bags
  • Reusable gel pads (2-5 uses) adhere to stay comfortably in place


Aleve Direct Therapy is built from quality materials to bring you lower back pain relief so you can live your day your way.

  • Latex-free gel pads can last throughout the day and for multiple applications.
  • Can last for 120 30-minute treatments before changing AAA batteries.