Aleve Direct Therapy Tens Device FAQ

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How does the Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device reduce pain?

Aleve Direct Therapy uses TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), a therapy that uses electrical stimulation. It incorporates two clinical theories of how TENS provides pain relief: by blocking the transmission of pain and stimulating endorphins, the body's natural pain reducing chemicals. Aleve Direct Therapy can help relieve lower back pain due to exercise, normal household and work activities.

What does it feel like to use an Aleve Direct Therapy TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device?

TENS is sometimes described as producing a tingling sensation and can vary by individual and the intensity selected. Aleve Direct Therapy is adjustable for the level that feels best for you and the wireless remote makes it simple to adjust.

Each Aleve Direct Therapy session uses a patented 3-stage waveform pattern:

Stage 1 5 minutes

High-frequency stimulation (sometimes described as strong tingling sensation) can initiate the feeling of pain relief by suppressing the transmission of pain signals from nerves. Find your preferred intensity level with the wireless remote control.

Stage 2 20 minutes

Low-frequency stimulation in this stage feels like a gentle tapping sensation. This can stimulate an increased endorphin release to reduce the sensitivity to pain beyond the 30-minute session.

Stage 3 5 minutes

Like stage 1, this high-frequency stimulation can help maintain the feeling of pain relief to complete the session.

What kind of pain relief can I expect?

Pain and response to any pain relief product vary from person to person. Aleve Direct Therapy uses electrical stimulation to help relieve pain. It was designed to incorporate two clinical theories of how TENS provides pain relief: by blocking the transmission of pain and stimulating endorphins, the body's natural pain reducing chemicals. To help get the most relief for your particular needs, you may adjust the intensity level with the wireless remote control.

How long does the pain relief last?

Each person is different. Aleve Direct Therapy was designed to be comfortable, mobile and discreet, so it can be worn throughout your day for repeat treatments according to your particular needs. Thirty-minute breaks are recommended between sessions.

Can people tell I’m wearing Aleve Direct Therapy?

Aleve Direct Therapy is very discreet. It operates silently, contours to your back and is controlled wirelessly, so it’s easily concealed by clothing other than form-fitting apparel or see-through fabrics.

Do I need a prescription to get Aleve Direct Therapy?

No prescription is needed to purchase Aleve Direct Therapy. Find out where to buy it here.

How big is Aleve Direct Therapy?

The Aleve Direct Therapy unit is about 3.5" x 7" and weighs less than 5 oz. Its sleek design was developed to cover both sides of your lower back to give you the relief you need while fitting discretely under your clothing.

How does Aleve Direct Therapy compare to the TENS therapy used by my doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist?

Aleve Direct Therapy uses the same basic technology but is designed for convenient use at home and work and during many other activities.

How much does Aleve Direct Therapy cost?

Aleve Direct Therapy costs vary by retailer but typically range from $49.99 to $59.99 for the device and $14.99 to $17.99 for the gel pad refills. That can be quite a savings compared to TENS treatments from doctors or other healthcare professionals.

Do the gel pads contain latex or animal products?

No. Aleve gel pads are free of latex and animal products/ingredients.

Is Aleve Direct Therapy FSA or HSA eligible?

Yes, it is, but it's important to know that, even though you don't need a prescription to buy Aleve Direct Therapy, you do need to get one to submit with your claim.

Is travelling with the device and airport screening easy?

Aleve Direct Therapy packs easily in your carry-on bag and can go through normal screening. If you’re wearing the device, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) suggests you tell the screener before you walk through and let him or her know it is on your lower back.

Where can I buy Aleve Direct Therapy?

Aleve Direct Therapy is available online and in store. See where to buy here.