Aleve Direct Therapy Tens Device FAQ

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What if the device doesn’t start?

The Aleve Direct Therapy device itself and the remote control must both be turned on. When the device is ON the LED will flash green. Always make sure that the device is ON prior to applying to your back.


The START/STOP button on the remote control only activates the remote control itself so it can start and control a device that is already ON.

If the light flashes green:

You still may not feel any stimulation when the device is first turned on since it always starts at a (0) level of intensity. Try clicking the (+) button one or more times. If you still do not feel anything, other possibilities need to be checked as described below.


Each click of the (+/-) buttons adjusts the treatment intensity one level. If you press and hold it is the same as just one click.

If no light comes on:

Check the battery compartment to make sure the batteries are installed in the right direction and are firmly in place.
- Note that the batteries should face in opposite directions.
- The (+) on the batteries should match the (+) in the battery slot.
- The (-) end of the battery is flat and should be pressing against the spring in the other end of the battery slot.

After checking the batteries:

Close the compartment and try the on/off button again.

If the light flashes green:

You can resume with the instructions for using your unit.

If there is still no green light flashing on the device:

There is a problem with your device. If you are still under warranty, call 1-800-395-0689 for warranty service.

Why is the LED light blinking yellow?

The blinking yellow LED light on the device or remote control indicates that it’s time to change the batteries.

Changing the AAA batteries on the device:

- Use the provided screw driver to open the battery compartment.
- Remove the old batteries and replace with 2 new AAA alkaline batteries.
- Note that the batteries face in opposite directions.
- The "+" on the batteries should match the "+" in the battery slot.
- The "-" end of the battery is flat and should be pressing against the spring in the other end of the battery slot.
- Replace the battery compartment cover.

Changing the CR2032 battery on the remote control:

- Open the battery compartment by placing the provided screwdriver, coin or flat tool in the groove, which can be found in one corner on the edge of the remote.
- Next, pry the 2 halves of the remote control cover apart.
- Once open, slide the battery out (you can press the screw driver against the edge of the battery) and replace with a new CR 2032 battery.
- Make sure the (+) on the battery is facing up.
- Snap the remote control back together.

Why does treatment intensity seem to decrease by itself?

Sometimes people grow accustomed to the selected treatment intensity during treatment, so it feels less intense. The Aleve Direct Therapy device uses a 3-stage waveform stimulation pattern that helps minimize this from happening, but it is still possible. You can adjust intensity with the remote control “+” or “-“ buttons. If adjustment does not work, you may need to replace the batteries in the device.

What if the treatment is uncomfortable or irritating?

- Make sure the gel pads are aligned with the black electrodes so they are completely covered.
- Try reducing the intensity level with the “-“ button on the remote control.

If these approaches don’t work, stop use and consult your physician.

What if the device doesn’t restart after an earlier use?

After 2 hours of non-use, the device will shut off automatically. Press the on/off button on the main unit and then try it again.

What if the device isn’t responding to the remote control?

If you just changed the batteries in the remote control, it may be necessary to re-sync. See the User Manual for sync instructions.

Why don’t I feel anything when I start the treatment?

The intensity level has a default starting level of 0. Slowly start clicking “+” on the remote control to find the level that is comfortable for you. Note: each click will change the intensity by one level. Holding down the button will only result in a single level change.